Selacorp understands diversity. We know that businesses all aim to become relevant in their chosen industries. To do that, they need specialized services, and we have the knowledge and expertise to provide those custom requirements and business needs. Our specialized financing service help businesses explore a wider range of opportunities in order to maximize capital in various instances that require specialized financing solutions. We aim to help our clients expand their business horizons, embrace new opportunities and furthermore, reduce risks of going through financing services that are not tailored to their very needs. Here is a list of some of our specialized financing services.

  • Industry specific financing solutions- we understand that different industries have specific needs and their budgets are used differently compared to other businesses. Thus, we offer specialized financing across specific industries like the healthcare sector.
  • Sponsor financing is a unique financing solution, offering debt financing to those private equity investors in various industries.
  • We also offer intermediary funding for brokers and financial intermediaries. We are also interested in equipment loans and leases.
  • Selacorp also offers Interest rate management services so that you can have a partner in managing rate uncertainties by ensuring effective risk management as well as by hedging transactions.

Our services are designed to fit the needs of our customers we aim to reduce cost related concerns, maximize output and eventually, ensure productivity. Through our range of solutions, we hope that we can provide top quality result for our clients. We are always constantly expanding our horizons across different financing solution. Thus, we offer our specialized services. We also aim to tap into other industries. The only way to do that is by understanding what they need and by providing services that are tailored to their demands. If you would like to know more about our specialized financing services, contact us.