Selacorp believes in the importance of serving the underserved. While our business provides services and solutions to other businesses, we also are interested about providing services for small businesses with limited funding and capacity to support their business. Our initiative is designed for businesses to create jobs as well as to help boost economic opportunities by means of providing access to education, business support services and financing solutions. According to studies, small businesses have generated around 60% of new jobs over the past decade. Thus, small businesses are extremely important for economic development. In fact, if you collect all small businesses and their approved patents, they have much bigger accumulated patents than any other firms. Selacorp wishes to tap that economic power and further amplify it with the right knowledge, training and financing to ensure that these small businesses can be sustainable, reliable, relevant and growing, in which they can help generate new job demands and improve services for their own societies.

Selacorp offers practical educational courses for those who are planning on setting up businesses or those who would like to find directions on their existing businesses. We have partnered with educational institutions in devising competent, updated and practical modules that will help small businesses and those who seek to build one, to have the proper knowledge, training and competitiveness in the market. We also offer capital funding for small businesses and we also partner with various organizations and entities who are interested in investing on specific business endeavors. We also offer assistance in capital management to ensure that the money they acquired will be used to ensure the success of their business endeavors.

At Selacorp, we understand the role that small businesses have in society and that is why we are always looking for ways to ensure that they will gain the knowledge and understanding to become competent in the industry.