When a company plans to let go of some of its employees due to the tough economic situation, one important question to ask is if the company has established a process to avoid important intellectual assets from getting out of your through that employee. A lot of companies who are downsizing their workforce as a short term cost reduction method are facing some very high risks of damaging their competitiveness in the market as well as their potential revenue because of the lack of policies regarding intellectual assets. The good thing is that there are methods and strategies that could be adapted to manage intellectual assets and properties to reduce the risks substantially.  Selacorp has created a unique method that has to be implemented before, during and when downsizing has been fully completed.

Intellectual asset management before downsizing requires auditing existing intellectual assets, identifying top performers, and doing exit strategies to secure documents and record all intellectual asset components from each employee. This way, if the downsizing has to commence, the company can effectively organize all intellectual property transfers and review contract for each employee by reminding them about ownership of all intellectual assets developed during their employment years.  Finally, after downsizing, the company has to do an analysis of all records and ensure that they keep track of these key players’ especially prolific inventors in your organization. As you can see, the process of managing intellectual property can be very complicated. How can you implement this in your organization? Selacorp can provide a comprehensive solution designed to increase intellectual property protection and reduce risks of financial losses due to unaccounted intellectual asset. We customize our solutions to best fit your business no matter what industry you belong to. If you would like to know more about our service, our consultants are ready to address your needs.