At Selacorp, we offer a wide range of financing solutions for businesses to help them meet their needs and achieve success.  Through our dealer and vendor financing service, we can help you put your inventory to the floor and ensure that you gain sales and maximum business opportunities. Selacorp offers a diverse range of financing options such as inventory financing and asset based lending. We make sure that our services will help your business will flow smoothly from the manufacturer to dealers.  We also offer end-use leasing and lending services that are designed to boost your sales and make it a lot easier for the customers to buy these products and reach the right market.

Our company offers a wide range of services and using our competent service providers, we are able to offer solutions to medium sized and large scale corporations. Businesses that are looking for ways to offer private label financing to those who want to manage their cash flow can take advantage of our lending and financial management services. We have help thousands of companies in different industries and we are inspired to offer top notch solutions to our clientele. Thus, you can count on us to provide top notch solutions to any kind or size of businesses. Selacorp is focused on ensuring that each business can maximize their sales.

You can rely on our financing solutions for their reliability, flexibility and diversity to help boost your business operations, reduce financing risks and gain a solid return of investments. We offer a range of services such as vendor financing, inventory financing, loan and lease services, asset based financing as well as short term lending services. Our financing solutions are custom designed to address the unique needs of consumers. We make sure that our services are comprehensive. We do not just give money. More than anything else, we aim to provide reliable solutions that are going to help businesses achieve their goals. Contact us and find out more about our industry specializations and how we can support you in your vendor-dealer financing needs.