Selacorp proactively advocates the protection and effective management of intellectual assets. Beyond our customized services, tools and consultations, we also hold events that can help businesses of all sizes to effectively recognize manage and protect their intellectual assets. We develop events and seminars that are very helpful for businesses to understand real world AI management benefits and how successful businesses are able to protect these assets. We hold events regularly covering general topics to more specific issues that concern all sectors no matter how small or big their operations are.

Our events include introductory sessions as well as more professional events for more detailed understanding of specific topics such as branding, trading, and validating.

Aside from our own events, we also partner with other companies and organizations in spreading awareness regarding intellectual asset management. Our advocacy is not limited to SMEs and other sectors, but also for all other industries that might not be aware about the role of AIM for their organizations.

If you want to know more about our advocacies and events, please contact us and learn more about event schedules and private events that we can do for your organization.