Selacorp understands the unique demands and requirements of clients when it comes to procurement, and thus, we have created a team of experienced consultation advisers to help businesses identify gray areas in the procurement process and effectively address, implement and follow through relevant solutions to fit the spending profile of clients. Our corporate procurement service is designed to address all necessary areas.

We provide expert procurement advice, delivering recommendations throughout the various phases of procurement. We cover all areas such as organizations, policies, processes, supply management, vendors, risk assessment and control, enablers, measurements and key performance indexes.

Selacorp also ensures compliance and benchmarking standard for procurement following Sarbanes-Oxley compliance model. We follow best practices as well as conventional and nonconventional learning models to come up with the best recommendations for clients.

Procurement is a complex and tedious processes especially transactional processing. We provide help, support and expert advice in handling suppliers and requisitions, minimizing failures and ensuring that money and time are used for the best possible results. Selacorp addresses this issue by establishing a dedicated buying solution in which professional buyers are employed to handle day-to-day procurement activities and ensure that the transaction leads to zero errors, better business efficiently and that the strategies can be focused to ensure cost efficiency.

At Selacorp, our goal is not only to organize your procurement process, but also to automate and improve existing systems to ensure that the whole process will run smoothly, minimizing confusion and organizing files and documents for easier tracking of the entire operations. As one of the best business solution provider in the market, we provide more than just diagnosis and recommendations. We make sure that your procurement system engages clients and ensure that all possible opportunities have been exhausted, improving your overall bottom line and minimizing the risks and other related concerns.