The market IT market is packed with a massive array of software, hardware and services that are accessible to most businesses today. However, most business managers do not have the expertise, knowledge, experience and time in analyzing systems features, pros and cons, alternative tools and cost effective solution for IT and business technology advancement.  In fact, most of the time, new technology is adopted into an organization using indirect and non qualifying means. For example, someone goes to a trade show, a vendor persuades the client about their services or the business has global or industry appeal. The purchases they make are never evaluated using essential benchmarks and at the end of the day, it does not really address the question if the product or solution is actually the best option for the company’s budget and overall success.

It does not have to end up with more costs and disillusionment. At Selacorp, we offer a wide range of services and solutions designed to assist clients in analyzing the technological, IT requirements of the company or a specific department, finding the most effective solutions and presenting them with all aspects to ensure that the company is well informed of what is available.

Selacorp uses various criteria in finding hardware and software products. Hardware should be reliable and capable of supporting existing software and adapt to the business requirements of the company for light to heavy usage. It should also last more than the next planning interval, often lasting up to 3 years. The hardware should also be compatible to planned and existing networks.

Selacorp understands the needs of clients for superior quality IT innovations and that is why we aim to offer. Through our hardware and software selection service, we are sure that your business will save money and become more productive.