With 3 offices operating in Asia, Europe and USA, Selacorp provides services and solutions to a massive range of companies in the market. As such, we are one of the emerging industries for business solutions in areas like IT, marketing and management. Our services and solutions become more competent and reliable provided by the numerous innovations, products and technologies from high quality suppliers. We always strive to give the best value to our clients and essential to this goal. Is not only a well-established business solution but also the integration of top quality innovations and technologies. Our purchasing requirementsare specially organized to address the specific needs of our clients and are synchronized with the business process.

We only believe in high quality suppliers, manufacturers and brands and this is the only way to motivate clients to believe in the efficacy of our services, solutions and choices for their unique operations. In order to create a sustainable market strategy, it is vital for us to find partners that can provide the best hardware, software and service solutions designed for specific goals and created to ensure that they will last long and prove competitiveness and reliability in the market.

As suppliers, we expect them to live by the demands and expectations not only by Selacorp, but those businesses that in the end, will experience the innovation, services and solutions offered by both the manufacturers and Selacorp. We put high premium on aspects like innovative performance, reliability, energy efficiency, quality, responsible design and of course, price.  As our supplier, we expect them to think together with us as a team addressing industry demands for better and more efficient innovations. This ensures that each transaction will bring together a competitive and reliable business experience that will also prove competitive in its respective marketplace and ensure top notch results in the industry.