From the acquisition, management and turnover of equipment that you need, Selacorp is the company to count on. Ranging from heavy industrial and commercial equipment, light jets, fleets to basic copiers, and our commitment to your equipment requirements is designed to help you fulfill your needs.  We offer equipment leasing services as well as financing to provide essential benefits that are related to liquidity, economics, financial management, cash flow and capital generation. Selacorp understands the importance of material resources for the fast growth productivity and development of any businesses in the market.

If you are thinking of optimizing depreciation, monetizing your fixed assets or reducing your monthly payments, we will help you reinforce your bottom line, address your business requirements and industry demand and more importantly, help you in becoming more relevant in the industry. Through our services and solutions, we make sure that we create a customizable program for each business with flexible structure and payment methods in order to meet your goals and ensure productivity at the end of the day.

Our company offers secured loans for both new and used equipment, leasing services, sale lease backs, and financing solutions for fleets and transportation units. Our services are designed to address the needs of our clients in various aspects such as in franchise, printing and publishing, wholesale and distribution, retail, healthcare, construction, food and beverage as well as commercial equipment.

We understand that for businesses to become more relevant in the industry, it is vital to take advantage of unique innovations. We are your guiding light to ensure that your business can grow, expand and become relevant in your chosen industry. To learn more about our equipment financing solutions, please contact us for consultation. At Selacorp, we make sure that your business will expand and grow, and ensure longevity.