Growth does not end in college. At Selacorp, we strive to expand the knowledge base of our new recruits, be it from new hired professionals or new graduates. Not all of these individuals come with thetechnology, marketing, business or IT backgrounds and that is why we are always pursuing new ways to create a unique environment for our employees to grow, expand and become competitive not only with their jobs, but also as individuals and as members of their communities. We utilize unique recruitment programs to effectively find the right people and ensure that they will be ready for the competition and educational experience.

We utilize seminars, symposia, immersive and educational programs to stimulate the interest and understanding of students and young professionals about the role of business support and optimization industries, its unique qualities and what it takes to work and become fulfilled with the whole experience. The opportunities that are available at Selacorp are diverse so we make sure that we customize our programs to perfectly fit the needs and requirements of our business, while ensuring that applicants and students will have a greater understanding of what the industry is capable of offering them.

We also offer programs and customized recruitment services to those people who have had extended absence from the workforce. We believe that there is an opportunities to these people who might have left due to important aspects or probably due to the dissatisfaction with their past careers. We make sure that we level their expectations what is currently in demand, what they can do to get back and how they can expand their knowledgebase as well.

At Selacorp, recruiting is not just a task of finding a candidate to do a task. We are proactive in our pursuit for employees and we can only do that by adopting methods that really seek real talent and skilled professionals in this competitive and fulfilling industry.