Do you have the right market intelligence? The key to a strong external transaction with any company or any supply chain for that matter is your knowledge about what is happening in the industry and more importantly, what you know about your target audience. Selacorp is a provider of high quality market research and benchmarking services that are designed to help you succeed in all your marketing and procurement endeavors no matter what your position is in the industry. Our knowledge and capable marketing experts will provide you the insight, and understanding to explore your market and ensure that you can penetrate the industry.

Any business wants to know who’s who and what’s what in its respective niche. You have to know where your peers are purchasing and if they are excelling for that matter. You want to know which region or location you can best produce your products and penetrate your niche even better. You want to know the right kind of resources for your production. You need to know market trends and how these conditions affect the success of your commodities. In all these pursuits, our goal is to help you identify all marketing and industry benchmarking aspects and transform them into your very own unique profile for success.

The new economy has set the challenge to economize our processes and it also challenges us to grow and expand despite limitations. Knowing who to target, who to partner with and how to go about with your operations can make or break your business opportunities. Knowing the right information ensures that you can remain competitive in the market. Selacorp provides remarkable solutions in order to help you generate market intelligence intuitively and accurately.

Our market research and benchmarking tools include the following:

  • Historical price trends
  • Supply chain review
  • Volume and demand analysis
  • Geographical reviews
  • Process reviews, benchmarking and best practice comparison
  • Market condition analysis

Let us help your business compete in the market intuitively. Contact Selacorp now for more information about our unique products and services.