In order to succeed in getting government contracts, you have to be good with marketing. Making a small company relevant to the public is a strategic way to help generate buzz, and reputation to the client. Marketing efforts are designed to help official buyers as well as end users become more aware about our products, services and the company itself. Selacorp provides marketing solutions to help businesses become more relevant to the market, especially the buyers and end users of the company. We provide a wide range of marketing services to generate the best impact and ensure results that your target market will pick up and become aware of.

Selacorp’s strategic marketing services include press release distribution, conventional advertising, trade shows, seminars, directed mail, electronic mail and even fax campaigns. Our goal is to make sure that small companies can stand its ground and not need to spend a lot of money to market their business for the government market. The key to your success is with the right targeting of your marketing, not just about generating buzz in general, but making an impact to the agency you want to provide your services to. Thus, the marketing strategy is a reverse strategy, focused on making the presence and impression for the government contracts compared to making your brand identity shine.

The competition is intense in government contracts since small companies have to deal with large and well-funded companies with their own marketing staff, capability to command the press, and contracting vehicles to further persuade the decision makers. However, the government is also aware that the cost would definitely be elevated. Our goal is to highlight your competency in areas that most large companies cannot compete with and highlight those assets to ensure that you still have an equal chance for the contract.

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