Selacorp is a smarter all-in-one business solutions provider. We have been helping helping people in past and present by streamlining and optimizing your business and technology services, whilst clearing obstacles to innovation - we are setting the stage for a new global market. Our vision empowers us to transform businesses, enabling them to thrive now and into the future.

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How we do it:

  • Selacorp elps people identifying, quantifying and assisting in the supply chain transformational plan
  • Support across the entire planning process while managing supply and demand aspects of the chain
  • Implementing reliable enterprise applications to existing supply chains or for new enterprise resource planning systems
  • Logistical services such as transportation, storage, and reverse logistics, ensuring better consumer relations and cost effectiveness
  • Product lifecycle management services. Creating better production systems and products that reduce cost, increase quality and improve production time
  • Procurement services to find better prices for raw materials ensuring efficient spending and timing
  • Generating better operational processes, ultimately increasing cash flow, increasing work efficiency and minimising expenses
selacorp, singapore, david selakovic

Selacorp has been carefully positioned with a uniquely global reach. Our solutions portfolio is realised by a team of experts, collaborators and connections from every corner of the business world. Expansive enough to consider every solution, but flexible enough to work with your unique situation.