Selacorp is your premier Intellectual Asset management solutions provider. In order to identify and effectively manage intellectual assets, we have developed a range of tools that you can utilize for your own organization. We have developed information booklets, diagnostics tools and identification tools, interactive applications, auditing tools and many others. Beyond our standard offerings, we also want to address the unique AI needs of our clients so we also develop custom programs for businesses.

Our library of tools are continuously expanding in the hopes of addressing all AI related concerns and issues that businesses from different sectors might experience. We develop glossaries, questionnaires, lexicons as well as business simulators. We constantly update all the tools that we developed to remain relevant to different sectors.

Beyond the services we offer for small and medium scale enterprises, we also offer tools that can be used by trainers and intermediaries. Our goal is to provide tools for all sectors that address the question of intellectual assets. We also provide a range of programs, events and workshops to help businesses assess their intangibles and effectively manage them. We also have PowerPoint presentations and guides that are easier to understand.

Our goal is for companies to have a reference tool that they can utilize in order to assess new assets in their company and to maintain effective management of existing AI.

If you want to know more about our tools and services, please contact Selacorp for more details.