Through Corporate Lending, it is possible to harness solid business growth, improved acquisitions and better turnarounds. Selacorp offers top notch financing solutions to help businesses get started with the projects and enjoy the benefits of loans for overall corporate growth.

Loans are critical for businesses in optimizing flexibility and liquidity. That is businesses have to deal with lenders who can understand your specific industry and create a powerful program that addresses your business goals. Through our Selacorp financing program, we have enabled strong business ties and optimization strategies for numerous businesses across different entities. We offer asset-based, structured and cash flow loans. We work with numerous middle sized businesses, large corporations, as well as private equity sponsors.

Selacorp also serves as a minority equity investor with partnerships among vast management teams as well as other institutional investors. We aim to create a solid enterprise value using our comprehensive equity investing experience as well as our knowledge, talents and global business scope.

We offer a wide range of corporate lending solutions such as cash flow and asset based loans, stock ownership plans, Tax credits for new markets and financial services for industrial projects.

Our company is diverse, competitive and reliable, able to provide solutions for the industrial sector. We specialize in financing a diverse range of industries from healthcare, public financing, agribusiness, food, chemicals & plastics, paper, forestry, retail, technology and automotive businesses. Through our expanding range of services and capable service providers, we aim to expand our corporate financing solutions across other industries. Our goal is to ensure that businesses will be able to grow, expand and progress. Along with our numerous financing and management solutions, we hope to ensure the success of businesses as they progress into a new world of opportunities. Contact Selacorp and find out how we can expand your business.