Selacorp’s advocacy is to ensure effective management of important assets and resources for our clientele. Our services for intellectual asset management are designed also to support companies by means of holding workshops and events in which some of them could run in conjunction with other programs from our partners. We hold information drives on various AIM issues and provide tailored solutions to individual concerns of our clients. Thus, we make sure that organizations can get the service that they need depending on the issues they want to address and the areas for improvement.

Group Sessions

Workshops help illustrate AI management effectively by means of providing classic examples and case studies. Through our group sessions, we also adopt interactive programs to suit the needs of the business depending on which topics they will benefit the most. We can create the necessary customizations to address AI concerns for the medical sector, corporate and industrial sectors.

Individual sessions

Our tailor-made individual AIM sessions aim to look at intellectual assets in a more detailed manner addressing the company’s unique situation, history and future requirements. We offer analysis of the company’s organizational history by looking at the time before incorporation and current status. We also utilize our custom tools and questionnaires to effectively create a more solid understanding of how the company has evolved and understanding AI concerns as the business expands.

Our corporate support service also highlights the use of tools and informational materials for the better identification, assessment and fortification of AIM strategies.

Once we have gathered all information, we develop solutions that will help improve management systems and exploit the intellectual assets in the client’s organization.

Let us help you effectively manage your AIM concerns. We are more than happy to be your partners in ensuring that your intellectual assets are identified, optimized and managed effectively to ensure a more promising business