Intellectual Asset Management

Startup businesses and those who are expanding their services and operations can benefit greatly from Intellectual Asset Management. Selacorp specializes in providing assistance to clients in establishing and improving management and administrative strategies aligned with their corporate vision and objectives. Through Intellectual Asset management, clients can further realign their strategies and functions based on their existing goals or incorporate unique innovations to ensure that their business processes are more streamlined, reliable and successful. Implementing unique and effective strategies is our specialty and we can assure our clientele of superior results to increase shareholder value.

Selacorp consultants and strategists work closely with clients in understanding specific business requirements and areas for development. By structuring the services based on the needs and current workflow of the company, it is possible to create a unique management service that works for the betterment of the business. We offer assistance in developing and implementing the process changes in your organization.

Selacorp is your comprehensive consultancy and service solution that provides services in:

  • Integrating product innovations and management techniques as well as the creation and management of intellectual assets;
  • Evaluating asset practices such as research and development to increase marketing efficiency and boost the efficacy of decision making for intellectual asset investments;
  • Acquiring and utilizing critical innovations through license and transaction support services;
  • Evaluating AI portfolios and addressing opportunities to reduce overall costing while maximizing revenues.
  • Establishing monitoring services for intellectual asset management and reinforcing the systems to protect products and improve future development efforts.

The vision of Selacorp is to provide solutions for businesses to best apply information technology innovations and also manage the innovations and assets. We provide assistance to our consumers through upfront analysis, system selection, and integration to current intellectual management systems.

For more information about our Intellectual asset management services, please contact us and find out how Selacorp can make the most out of your business.