How is your business or project going? Especially for long standing projects and supply chains, the lack of innovative and technological updates might have burdened you with higher energy costs, inefficient building and operational standards and low productivity. At the end of the day, what is left from you is nothing more but a residue of the high expenses that you spend just for energy. Part of a successful project management is efficient energy consumption. Energy bills cost a lot and if we consume more than producing or taking back, then the business is spiraling down to inefficiency. Selacorp understands the needs of businesses for efficiency in their projects and that is why we offer energy planning solutions.

A lot of companies have used performance contracting in the last few years across the world.  This is a unique approach that can even save tons of money at the end of the day. Each year, by simply addressing energy consumption efforts, it is possible to reduce overall, spending by a massive amount. Our company offers this unique contracting, consulting and management solution for businesses. We believe that performance contracting can help improve energy consumption and ensure immediate results once all aspects of the project or business has been optimized.

Or company offers services that aim to address energy conscious strategies. With our expert consultants, engineers and specialists, we can address all facets of your energy concerns and help you in making solid strategies in lighting, insulation, heating and cooling, energy consumption and other related aspects. We can customize the solutions depending on the requirements of the business. We also research new technologies, policies and requirements to keep old projects ahead of the game and for new ones to keep on competing while reducing energy costs.

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