We are with you through the whole process in IT leasing.

Why should you choose Selacorp for IT life cycle financing?  Our years of experience in the business has empowered us in understanding the needs and demands of the IT industry in terms of expanding their business reach, ensuring success and reducing risks. That is why from the planning stage, IT acquisition to the disposal of equipment, we are always on your side. On every aspect of the IT industry, there is way to save money and to maximize output. At Selacorp, we are your active partners to success. We can help you conserve cash, reduce risks and roadblocks and ultimately help you improve return of technology investments.

What we offer us clear-cut: customized, simple, yet effective leasing and financing services for comprehensive IT solution which includes software, hardware and services. Through our comprehensive portfolio of past undertakings, we can make it easier to handle and afford upfront investments that you request, as well as address operating costs and manage the disposal of retired assets.  When it comes to funding IT services and solutions, we offer competitive, reliable and customer-centric services to ensure productivity and quality results.

Plan your next project with a solid financial strategy that addresses all aspects of IT life cycle. Be it optimizing data centers and processes or maybe adopting new business solutions, we can customize the service to meet your needs.

We can make sure that your budget fits your business requirements from start to finish and that you will get competitive rats if you are embarking on setting up a new data center. We can also finance hardware, software and service acquisitions while reducing technology obsolescence in the infrastructure.

If you wish to know more about our services, please contact us and set up an appointment.