While we all do our best in order to maximize our savings, most of the time, we end up only managing to save a small percentage of that actual projected amount. In fact, according to studies, most companies only achieve 50% of their savings forecast simply because they did not implement the necessary tools to effectively implement and monitor their expenditures for compliance. Selacorp is your complete business solution providing auditing services tools and advice to help businesses reach their full costing and savings potential without compromising critical services and products. If you want to explore procurement initiatives, you need the best auditing tools in order to ensure your success. With our help we can address issues like duplicate payments as well as dissident spending early on in your business.

Selacorp addresses the all important aspect of auditing early on in the business life cycle. Before spending happens, we make the necessary assessments by looking at historical data, spending records and financial resources to ensure that the money is going the right places. Non-compliant spending as well as rogue payments are analyzed and scrutinized, reducing irregularities in the company. It is important also to analyze situations when suppliers are not able to provide the quality or numbers they have to provide that could breach existing contracts. In such situations, Selacorp can assist you in managing credits for products that are non-compliant.

Beyond saving money, Selacorp also aims to help you recover lost expenses. We monitor all the purchases for compliances purposes. We do this to ensure that the products are compliant not only internally but also externally in your market. Procurement life cycle is also assessed so that any areas where you can generate more savings can be taken advantage of and solidifies your procurement process as an important and cost effective part of your business life cycle.