We know that quality beats quantity and thus, but we also know that businesses have to keep up with the pace and do more. At Selacorp; we believe that quantity and quality are your paths to success. We offer quality Pre-owned equipment and we are sure that for the price that you pay, you can get reliability as well as top notch performance but at a price that fits your budget. A lot of businesses nowadays require high quality equipment. In fact, most businesses need tons of equipment now more than ever. But more importantly, they need to get equipment that they can be upgraded, expanded and utilized to expand and grow in the market.

What do we offer? We provide storage, servers, PC, peripherals and other units necessary for the success of your business. If you want to save money, then you have to invest on the right products. What we offer is not just fancy products or used computers. These units that we offer are carefully tested and checked to ensure that they work properly and that they can address business requirements effectively. What’s more is that you can enjoy massive discounts. You can get a high quality computer and enjoy high quality results.

We offer refurbished, tested and guaranteed units. Each piece of computer that we offer has undergone rigorous testing and analysis and they pass manufacturing standards for quality results. Since the number of used computers is high, you can be assured that we can deliver products. If there is a sudden need for new units but they are beyond your budget, you can definitely benefit from our computer units for immediate dispatch and use. For any undertaking that requires computers, you can enjoy top quality results while reducing costs. Contact us for more information about our pre-owned computers