Supply Chain Management

At Selacorp, supply chain management is more than just cost reduction. Businesses are now clenching their fists more, addressing internal issues, corporate accounting discrepancies that could affect shareholder trust and raising the need of public scrutiny. With customers more attracted to personalization and cost efficiency, it is vital to employ the necessary strategies to optimize a company’s supply chain and boost public trust, operations and overall business health. Accountability and security of the business is at stake if the supply chain is not managed well and so through our expertise, we can help establish the right strategy to manage your business better.

Our Supply chain management services are designed to address all features of the supply chain, from designing, sourcing, planning, building and distributing. Our diverse portfolio of supply chain vendors can help provide the best possible system that is compliant to existing standards and internal business processes. Our supply chain management services are designed to address the entire spectrum of supply chain.

  • Our expert consultants and strategists will help you in identifying, quantifying and assisting in the supply chain transformational plan.
  • We help you in the entire planning process while managing supply and demand aspects of the chain.
  • We implement reliable enterprise applications to existing supply chains or for new enterprise resource planning systems.
  • We offer logistical services such as transportation, storage, and even reverse logistics, ensuring better consumer relations and cost effectiveness.
  • Selacorp offers intuitive product lifecycle management services to create better production systems or products that can reduce cost, increase quality and improve production time.
  • We can also provide procurement services to find better prices for raw materials and other goods and ensure efficient spending and timing.
  • Finally, we can help your business in generating better operational processes that can ultimately increase cash flow, increase work efficiency and minimize expenses.