Design patents are the most overlook aspects of intellectual asset management, though they are truly valuable things. In fact, your design patent has a crucial role in creating a symbiotic business strategy with your intellectual property.  These patents are often used for various industries where the aesthetic aspects of certain goods can enhance the appeal of a brand and this can also improve consumer loyalty. It is important to realize, though, that these patents are also types of intellectual properties and in a way can be used to boost your portfolio to your advantage.

Design patents normally have short life spans but they enable creators to fortify their projects by means of protecting the virtual aspects of the design that are considered as non-functional.  The appearance or visual appeal could take the form of a shape, surface details, or even both. This means the design patent can fortify your intellectual property management strategies by going beyond the functional and structural aspects of the invention that can be captured in utility patents.

If you have a product or a unique design idea that can crossover the mass market or if you wish to gain exclusivity in the innovation that you use, fortifying the IP protection with a design patent is very effective indeed. Creating a product design therefore has its relevance for any company or inventor in order to create product trust, appreciation and loyalty against a competitive market. Selacorp’s team for intellectual property is dedicated to provide top notch solutions and services for our clients who wish to protect their assets and revenue. If you would like to know how we can help you in fortifying your portfolio, please contact us and our consultants are ready to help you in addressing crucial aspects for your business and your unique inventions.