In this highly competitive IA environment, your IA strategies and business must be aligned in order to optimize the value of your intellectual assets. Our management service is an enterprise-level managing tool that enables the organization to harbor collaboration between departments, increase decision making processes and eventually protect those assets.

Collaborative management

IA is now recognizes as an important asset for most companies. Before, this was only an aspect acknowledged by the company’s legal department. Now, we recognize its incredible impact to the entire organizational framework. With the increased level of reach, it is vital to implement a successful IA vehicle that can be enforced across the company. Through our unique IA management system, we give more power to the organization in managing their critical intellectual assets by means of creating a customized process for faster implementation and response to the market. Our system also aims to develop a collaborative spirit between stakeholders and the company using effective innovations.

Ours is an end to end system, enabling companies to manage assets, research and development, filing concerns, grants, prosecutions, licensing and many other important aspects and roadblocks. Our goal is not just to provide a solution: we want to empower our clientele and give them more understanding about their own intellectual asset portfolio.

  • Our unique management system also aims to address these key objectives:
  • Generate new leads and boost your sales and ROI
  • Increase the efficiency of decision making across the organization
  • Improve portfolio management strategies
  • Set benchmarks for accurate execution, of strategies to set rules.

Let us serve as your trusted partner to success. We understand that with the continuous growth of your organization, effectively handling IP assets can be tedious and complicated. Our services help empower your management strategies. Contact Selacorp now for more information.