Selacorp is your reliable partner for government procurement. We take our role seriously in ensuring that the public sector will also gain advantage of our expertise in acquiring goods, services and innovations. We serve as your active liaison in obtaining crucial resources necessary for the public sector.  Our comprehensive service is high advantageous, usually consisting of several steps/ processes systematically designed to make it easier for clients to acquire all necessary goods with complete paperwork and other necessary legalities. We can assure clients that all public tenders are on time, reliable, and cost effective, increasing productivity and eliminating risks on behalf of the public sector.

Our services are comprehensive and systematic, with the goal of ensuring satisfaction for both suppliers and clients for competitively priced products, and safe and secure logistical strategies. We offer assistance and support to our clients from start to finish. A typical procurement service would look something like this:

  • Preparation of orders and other business requirements
  • Proposal requests and bids
  • Bidding information is sent
  • Bid is delivered
  • Bid is assessed
  • Awarding

We make sure that our clients are always aware of their current situation, with our team of experts actively communicating with clients about the current phase in the procurement process.

Selacorp comprises of a team of experts with years of experience in handling contracts and subcontracts. With our expert knowledge and dedication for high quality services, we are most certain that the procurement process will work smoothly and in line with your specific requirements.  We offer advice, consultation, sourcing, legal services and contractual procedures to ensure that all your procurement nuances are addressed to perfection.

At Selacorp, we serve as your guide for clients to further understand the acquisition of public, contracts subcontracts, tenders and procurement and generate global partnerships that will help you boost your business.