Strategy is one overused word and it also comes with numerous meanings and uses, particularly in the field of intellectual property management. A strategy can be a defensive tool or an offensive tool.  Some consider strategy as a way to position patents for business advancement while for others; it can be an overt manner of using the IP to handle various business transactions like in creating partners or with licensing. A common question of companies is how they can use the IP Strategy to advance the business and how they can connect the market and products into the strategy. Some would even ask what these actual strategies are. As much as we would like to explore all these so-called strategies, it is safer to say that for every business, there is a different strategy to expect.

Selacorp has created its own strategic planning solution in which both small projects and large businesses can utilize the solution and come up with promising results. Our unique strategic framework is customized to fit the company’s needs, culture, goals and resources.  We utilize a unique process that is scalable, and with results that can be executed by the company so that they can get the best results out of the implementation.

Our goal is not to spoon feed methods to our clients. While we have a method to begin the strategy, our ultimate role is to help businesses develop their own methods and strategies and in a way, ensure that they can utilize the strategies that were concluded and ensure that they can result to promising ends. A strategy only works if the company can fully execute and benefit from it. Let us help you achieve those goals. Contact Selacorp and let us help you in creating a truly competent strategy for your intellectual assets