Planning is but the initial phase of any project management strategy. At Selacorp, we do not just initiate plans: we execute them. While we create the solid framework, it only minimizes the risks to their simplest forms. At Selacorp, we understand that effective execution can actually make the difference on any solid plan. We understand that our clients are not project managers and that poses the problem in terms of execution. Through our project delivery service, we are able to reduce the concerns related to executing the plan. What does this mean for your company?

Establishing the project management strategy can be complicated when the plan is just passed on from one person to another. Our approach includes 3 important aspects:

  • First, we establish the project team, tendering, tender support and all procurement activities are carried out for the company.
  • Second, we implement the necessary budget controls and management scopes to keep track on spending and ensure that the project is going smoothly. We then assess risks, both in technical and compliance aspects in real time to mitigate the effectively.
  • Finally, we provide a detailed, accurate status report with quality assurance as well as financial audits to ensure that all deliverables meet your demands and achieve success from day to day.

At Selacorp, we understand the necessity to effectively implement the project plans and achieve top quality results. All efforts are done not only to apply the project, but also to find areas for improvement and further enhance productivity of the project and ROI.