Selacorp’s Procurement Process Design service is a powerful tool that can be used to improve operational success not only with internal processes but in the entire supply chain. We connect supplier management to your consumer requirement to ensure top quality results. Our services are also designed to help you generate significant savings as well as operational improvements to your supply chain by optimizing the procurement and payment process. We make sure that the procurement process is tailored to your specific transactions making sure that they are on par with your budget and schedule.

Our benchmarking and best practices in corporate procurement help in eliminating functions that are non-relevant to your business and at the same time, introduce more efficient processes. Our proven solution has helped reduce the procurement costs of our clients by 10% up to 50%. We can help you find better ways and strategies to improve your business transactions.

We also offer paperless procurement services that can also reduce your overall requisitioning cost as high as 50%. Our clientele who have utilized our unique service offering report that requisitioning times also decreased significantly, making it a more efficient way to make deals and transactions with companies. Our services are created to fill in the gaps and shorten specific processes that can improve your fulfillment cycles and purchase controls. This allows effective strategies to procure on time and reduce inventory costs as well as handling, shrinkage and loss of value.

If you want to streamline your procurement process to the digital age, focus on value added tasks, improve the efficiency of your procurement, automate portion of your supply chain and efficiently improve your management strategies, Selacorp is your only solution for high quality results. Contact us today and let us help you in analyzing the best procurement process design fit to your business.