IT Resources

IT innovations respond to the ever increasing demand for effective network and system management, incorporating unique products, software and hardware to help your business compete in the global stadium. Selacorp is your best choice for IT services and products. Our established connections and partnerships with top distributors give us the unique advantage over other IT solution providers. We offer top rated product lines and international software versions to keep your business abreast with what is up and coming in the industry. We also provide competitive pricing for both OWM and retail packing.

Selacorp provides top notch products and services that are necessary to adapt to the competitive market. Thus we make sure that our clients always have the right tools for their business requirements, from the latest software products, hardware tools and up and coming innovations. Our product inventory and innovations are always growing and expanding, ensuring that clients can make better choices. You can also count on us in searching for and testing innovations that are not currently available in our inventory, giving you the best range of options to position your business in a global market.

Software Sales

Selacorp is a specialist in retail and OEM packed software from top global software providers. We have a very thorough selection process, ensuring that our inventory only consists of innovations and products that address your specific business requirements. Aside from that, we also provide information and support to ensure that software implementation will be successful.


Through our partnerships with known vendors and manufacturers, we ensure that that we can provide the best possible products at the lowest possible cost. If you are looking for software solution providers, look no further because Selacorp is your only smart choice for cost effective and reliable IT software resources.

Explore our product range and list of partners and see how we can help you further improve your business.