Selacorp knows that large companies have to address both internal and external factors to keep the business in motion to the right direction. A company without a vision walks aimlessly at the edge of competition. Effective marketing is not just for outsiders, but also for the people who work hard to make the business possible. Our large scale marketing services are scalable meaning you can adapt our services to meet specific needs and ensure that the results can be replicated when effectively executed. Our large scale marketing services focus on 2 important aspects: customer experience and employee marketing.

Customer experience

You have it all: millions of customers, thousands more coming in, and you are reaching critical mass. What happens next? You keep on going; customer retention can be difficult, in fact, more difficult than customer acquisition. At Selacorp, we design marketing strategies that are customer centered in which the company has to make sure that customers always feel special no matter how mall or big the gestures are. We explore your market and find the people who will serve as opinion leaders and product evangelists crucial to ensure that the market always has a solid customer base.

Employee marketing

Selacorp addresses two important aspects of employee marketing: persuading top talent to apply to the company, and engaging employees to ensure high retention rate. A company also needs to handle human resources very well and our marketing strategies and management solutions are designed to do just that thing. Our experts are experienced in HR and marketing and we are sure that our knowledge base and experience are designed to ensure top quality results.

Stabilize your business and enjoy more security inside and out. Call Selacorp now regarding our large organization marketing services. We are sure that we can help you address your specific needs and increase your efficiency as a business.