Selacorp addresses all the needs of businesses in all areas. Our goal is to be your comprehensive partner for success. In our pursuit to provide quality business solutions we offer marketing consultancy services designed to ensure that you get the right advice strategy and results that will help reach the right customers, target your sales requirements and build a solid brand. We also provide consultation to enable for-profit and non-profit organizations to actuate their projects and generate as much buzz as possible using conventional media, modern advertising theories and digital marketing. At Selacorp, we cover the bases so you can easily reach for success.

Marketing consultation is a unique advisory solution that puts together three important aspects: research, strategy and costing.

Our research services are designed to help you create a realistic profile of your market and establish your marketing problems in line with your business objectives. To do this, Selacorp uses a host of tools such as market research, client interviews, materials review and competitive analysis. We can help you in improving existing solutions or identify areas for improvement to ensure maximum marketing results.

Our strategic marketing services are part of the larger marketing category of Selacorp. We put a more intuitive approach in helping your marketing planning strategies. Our consultants can help you device effective brainstorming sessions, creating marketing roadmaps, recommend branding strategies and establishing the marketing plan.

Finally, our costing consultation services are designed to help businesses in realizing possibilities no matter how big or small their budgets may be. Effective use of your marketing budget can help boost your marketing efforts and efficiently drive more sales and strengthen your market presence and reputation.

At Selacorp, our goal is to ensure that businesses are provided the right knowledge to compete within their chosen niche and ensure that they can effectively boost their reputation and presence in the market.