Projects that are focused on ensuring energy efficiency and reliability of buildings and places of business, desire to have a LEED certification. Across the world, the building industry emits a massive amount of CO2 as well as solid and liquid wastes. Energy efficiency is also becoming an important aspect for buildings to reduce consumption and costing while also minimizing overall CO2 emissions. Businesses and building administrators/users have social responsibilities and are very important roles in the market. Being green can have considerable benefits for property owners and investors who have new, progressive and energy efficient expectations to ensure sustainability in the modern biosphere.

Selacorp offers LEED consultancy services to help building owners have a solid understanding of various business requirements pertaining to the design, construction and maintenance of buildings using green standards. LEED is a rating system used to check how green, sustainable and energy efficient a building is. For project managers, understanding LEED requirements prior to planning can be helpful so that they can underscore some important details like sustainable sites, water efficiency, locations, education and awareness, environmentally sensitive construction and sourcing solutions, design innovations, energy usage, atmospheric impact and indoor environment control.

Our company has a massive pool of experts as well as local teams who understand local and international laws regarding building construction and the necessary methods to help minimize environmental impact from the start of the project to the maintenance of the building.  We also have a massive network of offices designed to help minimize sustainability requirements and building needs. We also aim to offer personalized solutions that are ideal in identifying unique environmental requirements as well as safety and health obligations.

Let us help you make your building or project more energy efficient. If you want to know more about our services, please contact us. Selacorp is your top notch solution towards high quality project management.