Selacorp understands the important of the lending and financing industry to the success of businesses. A true lender understands that to be able to reach the bottom line, they need to know the true nature of any business. That is why we make sure that we have the right knowledge, understanding and industry insights for a successful franchise financing. We know that different business franchises have specific needs so we always make sure that we address these needs for your future success. Our company has millions of assets and years of experience in the industry so we are confident that our franchise financing service is your ultimate solution to improve your business and maximize your sales.

Since we are a direct lending specialist, and we also have online services as well as team of capable consultants, managers and financial staff, we are capable of processing and funding custom transactions with considerable flexibility no matter how aggressive the timetable is. In terms of franchise financing, we are able to provide a wide range of products and solutions to meet your specific needs. First, we offer a diverse range of loan programs to finance your equipment needs as well as real estate purchases. We also offer line of credit in which the borrower can draw against for a specific amount of money. We also have development lines through equity on existing collateral in order to create a new site for business expansion. Finally, we offer leases. Using our unique program, we can purchase real estate that in turn; we will lease it back to the seller.

Our franchise financing services are very useful for the restaurant industry to help them create multi-unit restaurant chains across the country. We also offer services to the hospitality industry to help them create new hotel facilities in key cities or destinations.